"It's not who's the best, it's who's having the best time"
Chase Doran believes that not only can you break free from the cubicle (the physical one and the one people often trap their mind in), but you can live extraordinarily successfully, and happily, outside of it.
Chase started this blog to show people how easy it is to live the lives that they yearn for, and how close that lifestyle actually is.
While learning and growing from his high quality community of readers, he plans on achieving this by jumping in with both feet in his own life and writing about his experiences with the knowledge others will come along for the ride as well.
In 20 short years, Chase has amassed an interesting set of experiences...
  • 2009-2010 President of a Leadership Program that raised $50,000 for the Community.
  • Emerald Coast Frisbee Player
  • Cliff Jumping into Rivers from 15 Meters
  • Sky Diving (Indoor/Outdoor) Enthusiast
  • Jet-skiing the St.John's River
  • Hot Air Balloon Passenger
  • Zip-lining Through Trees 100ft Tall in the Canadian Forest
  • Hiking and Trail Running
  • Miami Super Spartan Race Finisher
  • Motorcycle Speed Demon
  • MMA Trainee
  • White Water Rafter
  • Surfing the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico
  • Horseback Riding Through Colombian Mountains.
  • Thumb War Champion
  • Dabbler in Swing Dancing
  • Snorkeling in the Keys of Florida
  • Penny Stock Follower
  • Invited to speak at the World Humanities Expo
  • Simon Sinek's Token of Inspiration Recipient
  • Manatee Dance Partner
  • Snowboarder/Sledder/Human Snowball
Many of his ideas and actions are formed from the books he actively reads, of which can be found on the "Resources" Page.
Today, Chase attends University of Florida in Gainesville FL where he will major in Marketing and minor in Entrepreneurship.
When he is not studying, traveling, or challenging the financial and psychological norms of life, he calls the beautiful sugar sand beaches of Destin, FL his home.
" Be someone who inspires others with the idea of yourself" - Chase

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