Lose Fat- Beach Season isn’t Over

Want to lose 300 pounds of PURE fat in 7 days?

Well that’s just too damn bad. Because short of surgery, it’s impossible.

Screw that head back on straight. Perk up those ears. Let me give you the REAL skinny on how to lose fat…

Slow Carb Diet

First of all, whatever diet you choose (yes there ARE others that work), stick with it to the letter. That includes this diet.

You can also check out this diet in Tim Ferriss’ 4-Hour Body.

During the 3-week testing period, I lost a total of 11 pounds. Keep in mind, to control the variables, I didn’t exercise.

Why this is dramatic, is because the closer you get to a lower/more normal weight, the harder those last few pounds are to shed. If you’re 100 pounds away from a fit, healthy you, you will likely lose significantly more than my 11 pounds in same time period.

Rule Uno (1): No White Carbs

That’s right. No bread. No rice. No dairy. No cheese except cottage (yuck). No cereal. No pasta. No potatoes.

Rule Dos (2): 30g of Protein Every Morning

Within 30 min of waking up grab some grub. Even now (post diet) I’ll make 3 eggs (scrambled with spices like Montreal Steak Rub), cook up some spinach, and add in half a can of black beans for calories. This boosts your metabolism and gives you enough energy to power a small city… or to get through your crazy day.

Rule Tres (3): Eat the Same Meals Again and Again

You do it anyway. Think back to the last week. You’ve been having the same meals over and over more than likely. Make sure you have 3 things in EVERY meal: 1. Protein 2. Vegetable 3. Beans/Legumes

Rule Cuatro (4): Drink Water

Don’t drink calories. Avoid fruit juices, milk (tough one for me), and NO soda.  Tea is acceptable. Coffee with VERY little creamer also is acceptable.

Rule Cinco (5): No Fruit

This includes anything with fruit juice as well. Fructose is the culprit here and turns into fat faster than just about anything else according to Tim Ferriss. Aside: I found no problem with a banana for potassium every now and then.

Rule Seis (6): CHEAT DAY

ONE day a week, none of the above matters, and you are encouraged to turn into a gluttonous bear and eat every cake, pastry, and double chocolate brownie obsession that you gaze upon.

However… You may just find that you aren’t really hungry for what you once were.


Other tips:

***Measure your weight/arm size/waist size/leg size once a week. What is measured is managed.

Spices will make this diet even easier. Lemon Pepper is a personal favorite along with Cinnamon.

Exercising affects amount of weight lost by adding muscle weight, giving the impression you haven’t lost as much fat.

On cheat day, drink lemon water after/before your meals, due to its blunting affect on your blood sugar levels. This keeps you from gaining too much weight after a Thanksgiving-sized feast. (ONLY on cheat day)
The longer you stay on this diet, the more weight you’ll lose and the healthier you’ll feel. If you still aren’t dropping within the first week, it’s time to re-examine your habits, tweak something, and plow forward. The idea of this post is to give you a strong foundation that is known to work and has been tested many times. You still should experiment regarding food/ideas/things not covered in this post. You’re your own person, so customize it for yourself without changing the rules.



 I’ve been experimenting with my new GoPro Hero for the last couple weeks while paddleboarding stormy waters, parasailing and snorkeling.

Right now I’m  in the Smokey Mountains with my brothers getting into all kinds of trouble. Said trouble includes: Climbing 100ft tall slippery waterfalls; hiking the tallest mountains East of the Mississippi (black bear was sited on same trail just this morning..ruh roh raggy); and Segwaying around dogs and hipsters around town. All documented by this nifty little camera. By far the most intuitive way to film for those of us who don’t mind playing in the mud.

Footage coming soon.
All the best,


Posted on July 27th, 2011

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