January 19th, 2016

Questions answered: Adventure Style, Adventure Sports, and What Comes Next No Comments


Made a friend this weekend :).

Made a friend this weekend :).


Did I mention it’s REALLY hard to post every day?

How do people do this AFTER work and living their lives?

So many ideas and cool items have floated through my brain lately that I feel like others would love. So let’s do some question and answer.


  1. Coolest website for adventure style and practical clothing? Huckberry. It’s a curated page with lots of brands moving in and out and deals that are 10% off what you’ll find anywhere else. It’s done really casually, and it’s the only Newsletter I look forward to in my inbox. 
  2. What action sports are you into lately? I’m really starting to take an interest in kiteboarding and electric mountain biking. One is for the water, and one is for the land, but both are a ton of fun and provide a medium that takes you places you would never go otherwise.
  3. What ideas have been floating around your brain lately? The idea of the post achievement blues. This is what happens when you spend an overwhelming amount of effort, time and energy on something, and after you’ve completed or achieved the end you were looking for, you become sad, directionless and disoriented.

Imagine being an astronaut going to the moon. It’s this dangerous, audacious, inspiring dream that you dare to attempt. You work really hard and you blast off and you can’t believe you’re in space and you’re somewhere the rest of humanity can’t reach. You do your job better than anyone hoped- the mission is a complete success.

You come back to earth and you’re tired and rest.

But then something awful happens the next morning: You wake up.

And at 35 years old, after 10 years has been spent trying to achieve this dream, you now have to find out what to do with yourself for the rest of your life.

How do you set another, bigger goal, when your first goal was going to space?

Here’s another example:

Dating. So many people can’t wait to get married. So they find someone they love, and after a couple years they tie the knot. There was so much build up to this perfect moment when you knew you found the person you wanted to be with forever. But now that there’s a ring on your finger and you’re committed… Then what? You have the rest of your life together.

Or in churches.

So many churches’ mission is to plant other churches. Some churches hang on their hat that they’ve planted 1000 churches in a single year. And that’s great! But now that you have 1000 churches… What about the part that happens AFTER you’ve started and planted a church? The sermons and discipline and the building of faith and the community and impact? We hardly ever focus on post achievement. And those are really, really important parts of a church.


Here’s my point:

Sometimes, if you’re not prepared for what happens AFTER you achieve your dream it can wreck you.

Because most of the time, that’s the hard part. What you put into what’s next. If you search and search for a job, when you get one, it’s extremely gratifying… But now you have to work that job. It’s not always glamorous, so you have to find something new that’s inspires and drives you forward.

We as people are so short sighted. We think if we just had this ONE thing, or completed this ONE dream, or passed this ONE milestone… Then we can finally be happy. We can finally be satisfied.

Danger, Will Robinson, danger! I’m wishing the word TRAP flashes through your brain every time you think this.

And if you’ve fallen for it, as I have, you already know.

Success isn’t a hard stop. It’s just a signpost. And happiness isn’t an end, it’s a process. It’s the finding something worthy and striving for it that brings happiness. Not the completion.

And by the way- if you always put your fulfillment and identity in seeking God, you will always find joy there no matter what season of life you’re in.

Remember whats special is in the DOING, not just the achieving.

“You’re either figuring out what you’re doing, or you’re doing it.” -Casey Neistat

Thats all I have for tonight but keep living Dynamus and I love you guys!

Doran OUT.




January 15th, 2016

Make Your Co-Workers Jealous: Sit This On Your Desk No Comments



The item I’m about to unveil should be carefully considered before purchase.

Why,” you ask?

Because if you put this on your desk, it will simultaneously be one of the coolest things, but also the most aggravating.

Just remember, when a line of coworkers forms, it’s time to start charging to check it out.

Without further adieu…

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January 14th, 2016

The Year of Dynamus: 2016 [2/2]: Jumping In The River No Comments


© Peter Turnley / Corbis Paris, Place des Vosges, 1982.

© Peter Turnley / Corbis Paris, Place des Vosges, 1982.

Yesterday I told you how categorizing photos lead me to understand a new elemental force of life: Dynamus.

At the beginning of the post, I talked a little bit about how people tend go through life disengaged and living in the mundane.

Today I’m going to spend our time together showing you how to use this revelation to live a happier, more meaningful and fulfilling life.

But first, there is ONE more event that you need to know about before I continue.



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January 12th, 2016

This Skateboard Changes The Game… And You Don’t Need To Be A Pro To Love It. No Comments


I know, I know.

I promised part two of the Dynamus post. And I’m HALFWAY there. But it’s midnight and I hobbled out an 8 mile run a couple hours ago. Tomorrow I’m up at 6am and have to call no fewer than 100 random people for this thing I call my day job.

But, in the meantime I want to tell you about a kickass skateboard. You have to know- this is coming from the most skate-stupid person on planet earth.

I can snowboard.
I can rollerblade like a G.
I can even surf.

But I had no idea how to even push a board until earlier this week. I’ve been pushing Mongo my whole life and didn’t even know it (This is when you push with your front foot instead of your back foot- a mortal sin to the serious enthusiast.)

But never mind all of that. It doesn’t matter. Because if I have my way, I’m never going to have to push another skateboard again.
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January 11th, 2016

The Year of Dynamus: 2016 [1/2]: How One Question Can Change Your Life No Comments


Photographer: Chris Burkard

Photographer: Chris Burkard

The alarm on your phone is dinging. It’s Monday.

You enter your pass code to turn off the incessant noise as fast as humanly possible.

Maybe you then look at your calendar for the day. Maybe you check email. Maybe you text a few people back.

You get ready and go through the motions. You have your standard breakfast you didn’t leave quite enough time to finish, and then you rush to work.

Maybe you sit in traffic for a little longer than you were hoping to. Your manager won’t make a big deal about 3 minutes.

You find your way to your cubicle in your row, decorated well enough to your liking, but somehow still feeling stoic and cold.

You work all day on spreadsheets or coding or calling other business units or having client meetings or checking email or completing tickets or writing something up.

Hopefully you squeeze in a lunch with your team or a friend from one of your 5 go to spots.

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January 10th, 2016

Beme No Comments



You know how yesterday we talked about how I was going to show you this one focus area that made my life 100x more kickass?

Well I will. But not today.

I’m beat. Spent morning to night with my best friend Donard for his birthday. My buddy Reese and my girlfriend Alisha came along. Frisbee, sushi, coffee, styling out… All in a day’s work.

One ridiculously cool thing I got to show everyone was this new app, Beme.

I would totally link you, except I’m typing this on my iPhone and if you know how Google works, you can find it.

But really. Stop reading. Google it.

Anddddd we’re back.

Founded by famed Youtuber and recognized Film Maker Casey Neistat, the app’s goal is to allow you to share your day in small clips (similar to Snapchat) but without being taken out of the moment and having to look at your phone to record and upload. Instructions on YouTube. Wicked cool once you get the hang of it.

That’s all for today and I’ll be writing what WAS today’s post, tomorrow.


January 9th, 2016

The Pivot and One-a-Day No Comments


GTD_8163 copy

I’m sorry.

  • Sorry to my one stop homies who were looking for consistency of content and bailed before they ever started reading.
  • Sorry to my 3 readers (I see you, Mom!) and other friends who keep asking why I don’t blog anymore.
  • Sorry to the Me that once blogged and saw it’s potential.


There. I said it.

Anddddd moving on…

FAQ and Q&A

(So we can get caught up and go back to being best buds)

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April 19th, 2013

The Storied Self: How to Use Journaling as Your Atlas to Success No Comments

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Driving  over the bay at 5 years old, my mom asks my brother and I,  “What do you see?”
I responded, “Clouds…”
She asked,“What else?”
“Clouds and.. and… buildings!”
“… the blue sky and trees and people and lights-oh I see someone and they have a doggy!”
She asked us everything about what we observed and why we thought those things were the way they were. She finished with,

“Look how much else you see when you look beyond what’s right in front of you!”

Fast forward to when I was 16. In the dark, I waded into the water with two pretty girls in their underwear at a party on the beach. Read more»

August 13th, 2012

Gethin’s 12 Week Fitness Transformation: Everyman to Olympian 6 Comments

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Myself after my 84 day transformation.

Read Time: 4min     SpeedRead: 1min
We all love secrets, and we all have them. Crazy secrets, surprising secrets, useful secrets… but at some point we just can’t hold it in any longer. I’ve reached that point, and I’m going to spill the beans.

Imagine how you would feel about yourself, walking into a room full of important people, knowing that you’re in the best shape of your life.

I just walked home from training with my shirt off, dripping with sweat when I passed an elderly gentleman leaving his condo. He looks up at me and in a surprised voice proclaims,

“You look like one of those boys competing in the Olympics!”

Olympian?” … I can work with that!

If that’s not a win at the end of a long hard day, I don’t know what is.

Do you want to achieve a physique that gets you called an Olympian, in 84 days?
In this post, I’m going to show you how to:

  • Lose FAT while gaining MUSCLE (Yes, it’s possible).
  • Make the most delicious, healthy shake to ever grace your tastebuds.
  • Go from obese to 4-pack abs to 6-pack abs.
  • Avoid things that don’t matter. Read more»

June 11th, 2012

WolfDisc: Secrets of Starting a Business at Age 19 (and enjoying the good life.) 4 Comments

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Gavin Doran Photography

Read time: 7 or 8 min Speed Read: 1.5 min

I’ve been dreading writing this post for months now. Not because I don’t enjoy the topic- I do. But because there’s SO much to say.

What you NEED to know:  Starting a company doesn’t take a lot of money. It doesn’t take a lot of time. You can do it in college (and yes, have a 4.0GPA). You can stay fit. You can have a social life.

What’s the one thing that allows all of this to be possible?

In a word- Prioritization. Your time must be allocated tightly. Have a routine and stick to it. College comes first for me, so right when I’ve got something assigned, I do it. Period. I work in a 2 hour weightlifting session and 40 minutes of cardio every day, and between it all, I’m hanging with friends, planning a crazy trip, or catching a movie. Sundays from 11-5pm, I work on my company. That’s it. Every week. After a couple of months you’ll have something really promising.

But you’ve got to pay attention.

ACTION is the secret sauce.

This is meant to be a blueprint, an inspiration, and very possibly a reality check. My hope is that after reading this, you’re ready to stop talking, and start doing.

In the following post, my intention is not to unload so much knowledge on you in such a short period of time that your head swells to watermelon-esque proportions.

That said- I hope you like watermelon. Read more»